Dr. Stefan Legge

Teaching Material

Scripts, Case Studies, and Teaching Notes

Together with colleagues, I have written several scripts, case studies and teaching notes.



Understanding International Trade – Insights from Trade Theory (with Reto Föllmi)

Einführung in die Makroökonomik – Grundlagen und Anwendungen mit Bezug auf die Schweiz (link)


Teaching Notes and Videos:

Asymmetric Information and Successful Management in Different Business Environments (with Simon Evenett)

Elements of a Business Environment

The Value Creation Formula

The Commercial Significance of Opportunity and Transaction Costs

The Extent of the Market

The Supply and Demand Framework (video)

Game Theory for Managers (video)

Industry Competition and Market Power (video)

Pricing Strategies (video)

The Platform Business Model (video)

Asymmetric Information in Business (video)

Porter’s Diamond (video)

The Importance of Institutions (video)

Long-Run Drivers of Economic Growth (video)

Short-Run Macroeconomics (video)


Case Studies:

Alibaba's China Fish Pond Venture: Crystal Ball into the Future of Consumption?

The Rakuten of (All) Things: 'Data with Soul' to Challenge Amazon

Forget Altruism - TerryCycle's Diaper Venture to Monetize the Circular Economy's Dirtiest

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